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Laurentz Gabrella


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Virtual Book Tour Invitation:

18/12/23, 5:54 pm

You've been invited to participate in a virtual book tour for your latest release. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with readers and fellow authors. Accept or decline the invitation within the next 48 hours.

Reader Reviews Alert:

18/12/23, 5:54 pm

has received new reviews from readers. Check out the feedback and engage with your audience to build a stronger connection.

Upcoming Book Release Reminder:

18/12/23, 5:54 pm

Just a friendly reminder that your upcoming book, "[Book Title]," is scheduled for release in two weeks. Make sure all preparations are in place for a successful launch!

New Book Contract Signed:

18/12/23, 5:54 pm

Congratulations! We are thrilled to inform you that your latest book proposal has been accepted, and a new contract has been signed. Get ready for the next exciting chapter in your writing journey!

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