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Tactics to enhance the Author's personal brand and increase their visibility

Author-Centric Promotion

Author Branding

One of the most effective and valuable locations for nurturing relationships with your readers, and not to mention boosting book sales, is undoubtedly your author website. It serves as a digital haven where you can engage with your audience, provide them with a platform to connect with your literary work, and ultimately, cultivate a dedicated readership while simultaneously enhancing book sales.

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Author Branding

In the contemporary world of literature, where countless authors are vying for readers' attention, standing out is no longer an option but an essential requirement. Your author brand is your unique identity, your voice, and the essence of your literary work. It's what distinguishes you from the multitude of writers in the ever-expanding sea of books.

Official Author Website Set-up

Our aim to the creation and customization of a professional website that reflects your unique author brand. We design it to be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

We establish and manage your social media presence and  create engaging profiles, curate content, and run strategic campaigns to connect with your readers.

Goodreads Profile Set-up

Goodreads, vital for connecting with book lovers, we'll craft a professional profile, highlighting your author credentials and book catalog.

Social Media Accounts Set-up


Own Online Store

Blogging Build Trust

When readers follow your blog, they learn more about you and your writing. They can see your progress as a writer. This deeper understanding of you as an author makes them more interested in your books and brand, increasing the likelihood that they'll keep buying your books and provide effective review.

An author website offers numerous benefits, including the ability to retain 100% of the royalties from book sales, provide free delivery options to readers, and maintain your very own book store. These advantages empower authors with greater financial control and flexibility as they grow their literary careers.

Achieving higher search engine rankings through optimized SEO techniques. Additionally, valuable promotional features, including the ability to share coupon codes with friends and foster a thriving author community. Which is are vital for successful branding and book promotion."

Launch Like a Pro


Social Media Accounts Set-up

Our social media services encompass the establishment and active management of your social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We create compelling profiles that capture your authorial essence and engage your target audience. Our ongoing management includes content creation, scheduling, and regular interaction with your followers. We also develop and execute strategic campaigns to boost your reach and foster meaningful connections with your readers. The goal is to cultivate an active and responsive online community around your brand.

Goodreads Profile Set-up

Goodreads is a key platform for connecting with book enthusiasts and potential readers. We'll set up a professional Goodreads profile that showcases your author credentials, book catalog, and reviews. We ensure that your profile is engaging and up-to-date. Our management includes responding to reader reviews and inquiries, participating in Goodreads author programs, and promoting your work within the Goodreads community. We aim to make your Goodreads presence a dynamic hub for reader engagement and book discovery, ultimately driving interest and sales.

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