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Reach millions of readers through Fast Shipping and e-commerce ads for book promotion

Book Dominance Campaigns

165+ Country (1493 x 973 px) (1400 x 900

Prime, One-Day, Two-Day Delivery

Get your product delivered at your customers’ doorstep by selecting the nearest pickup location to your buyer’s address. It helps in faster delivery by eliminating the extra in-transit time. By showing your Books visitors shipping tags similar to those on Prime, that can encourage them to make an immediate purchase.


Fastest Delivery Empowers Author Success!

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Using Faster Delivery, your books will be sent directly to warehouse fulfillment centers. By having this center close to buyer's address, we are able to provide fastest delivery, which enhances customer experience. This increases the visibility of books on e-commerce websites like Amazon, resulting in a higher conversion rate of book purchases

Boost conversion rate by 20%

Reduced Return rate by 10%

Delivery badges provide customers assurance of speedy delivery, which is an important factor for customers when deciding to make a purchase. 

Improving delivery performance can help to reduce the cost of rejected COD orders as many time orders will be rejected due to timing issues. 

Quick delivery enhances the overall buyer experience, making readers happier and more likely to recommend the author's books to others.

Better your buyer experience

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Enhanced Reputation

Timely Availability

Increased Online Visibility

Rapid delivery can lead to higher rankings and visibility on e-commerce platforms, making it easier for potential readers to discover and purchase the author's books. This can help authors reach a wider audience.

Authors gain a reputation for reliability and efficiency, which can attract more readers and boost brand trust. This, in turn, fosters reader loyalty and positive reviews, further driving an author's sales growth.

Fast delivery ensures that readers receive their books promptly, reducing the waiting time and increasing the chances of repeat purchases. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who need a book for studies, research, or leisure reading.

Fulfillment center across 




A network of 22+ fulfillment centers allows books to be distributed nationwide. 




This network helps to ensure that books are instant available to readers hand almost everywhere.






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Product description & Promotion

By leveraging ads, you can capitalize on the millions of readers searching for books similar to yours, giving you the opportunity to convert them into customers. By utilizing ads solutions, you have the potential to reach a significantly larger audience and increase your sales.


Boost visibility with Sponsored Products, keyword- or product-targeted ads appearing on shopping 

Boost visibility with Sponsored Products, keyword- or product-targeted ads appearing on shopping results and detail pages. The service is available to authors on all e-commerce plateform Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Snapdeal.

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Increase Visibility

Sponsored ads make your books more visible to potential readers on the e-commerce platform. There will be a greater chance for your books to stand out and catch the attention of readers. Ultimately, this leads to more sales and greater success for your book.

Top of the search

E-commerce platforms often have a vast user base, and sponsored ads provide authors and books with increased visibility. These ads can appear prominently in search results, category pages, and related product listings, making it easier for potential readers to discover new books and authors.

Targeted Marketing

Sponsored ads on e-commerce platforms can be cost-effective. Sponsored ads allow to target specific demographics and interests. They can focus

their ads on users who are more likely to be interested in their genre or subject matter, increasing the chances of reaching a relevant audience.

Boost Sales and Rankings

By strategically placing sponsored ads, authors can boost their book sales and rankings on e-commerce platforms. Higher sales and positive reviews can lead to improved visibility and credibility, potentially leading to organic growth in readership.

Authors can leverage sponsored ads to coincide with seasonal trends, holidays, or special promotional events.

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