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What is Global Distribution?

You can list your book on retail channels through this service. A detailed report of all sales is provided by Ink of Knowledge, which can be accessed by you through your dashboard. When a reader purchases your book through one of the participating sales channels, that retailer will handle print-on-demand and shipping. The entire process is automated; this means that once you have set up your account and published your book, you will be able to sell it at any time, to anyone!

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The wide distribution of your books allows you to maximize your reach without being limited by distribution platforms or geographical regions. As the author, you retain full control over where your book appears and can even customize it for different regions and platforms. Here, the author has the right to choose the type of distribution platform where his books will be made available:

Digital Store

These stores allow users to purchase ebooks for download or delivery directly to a dedicated device or app. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Tolino, Vivlio, Smashwords, Amazon, Google Play

Subscription Services

These services allow members to pay a monthly or annual fee and read ebooks included in the service for no additional fee. Publishers are paid based on how much their books get read. Scribd, Kobo Plus

Library Services

Library services provide a catalog of available ebooks to library staff. Each library chooses which of those books to make available to their patrons. The library may either purchase the book through a “Cost Per Checkout” model or “One Copy/One User”OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor ,Hoopla, BorrowBox, Palace Marketplace

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Ink of knowledge makes Print & eBooks available for sale in all Amazon Stores worldwide: US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Australia and more.

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Ink of knowledge makes Print available for sale in Flipkart store, India. Flipkart's online bookstore offers a wide range of books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, educational, and children's books.


Meesho primarily focuses on reselling various products, but it may not be a prominent platform for book sales. With its vast network and presence in over 5,000 cities, the platform has facilitated the sale and distribution of books, catering to a wide audience and enhancing accessibility to literature across India.


Ink of Knowledge distributes eBooks to all Apple iBookstores worldwide (51+ countries).


Snapdeal, a prominent Indian e-commerce platform, has extended its scale to encompass book sales, providing a wide array of titles to its vast customer base. With its widespread reach across the country and a diverse selection of books, Snapdeal has become a popular destination for book enthusiasts, offering accessibility and variety in reading material to customers nationwide.


Ink of Knowledge distributes eBooks to all Google Play Store worldwide (76+ countries).


We are currently working on expanding our distribution to additional regions.

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