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Your book is now live, and IOK allows you to make edits. Some inputs are freely editable, while others require a premium payment of Rs. 999 for modification.

Free editable inputs include:

  • Subtitle

  • Edition

  • Language

  • Series

  • Book details

  • Category

  • Author bio

  • Author list

  • Book price

  • Enabling or disabling the ebook option

For changes to inputs such as the book cover, manuscript, paper type, size, book name, and page count, a one-time fee of Rs. 999 is required. This fee covers a single session, during which our team will review and verify your changes. Once verified and published, the session will conclude. Any further changes to premium sections will require an additional payment of Rs. 999.

Edit For Free

Select the primary language used in the manuscript.

For a new edition of an existing title, you can indicate the edition number.

For books in a series, ensure readers can easily find each title.

Separate with semicolons

Author Name Here


Press Enter After Editng Your Author Details Like Author Type / First Name / Last Name To Save The Details.

Do you want publish e-book

Paid Editing

Ink and Paper Type
Black & white interior with white paper
  • Typical for academic and memoirs
  • Paper weight: 75-90 grams per square meter
Black & white interior cream with cream paper
  • Typical for fiction and memoirs
  • Paper weight: 75-90 grams per square meter
Standard color interior with white paper
  • More affordable option suitable for most books with color
  • Not recommended for books with full-page color elements
  • Paper weight: 75-90 grams per square meter
  • Inkjet Printing Technology
Premium color interior with white paper
  • Crisp, vibrant colors for illustrations, graphics, and images
  • Recommended for books with full-page color elements
  • Paper weight: 90 - 100 grams per square meter
  • LaserJet or Digital Printing Technology

Please upload a manuscript of your book's interior. Our recommendation is to format your book in a PDF file for best results. 

You may upload an existing cover(print-ready PDF only)

Enter the title of your book as it appears on the cover. Once your book is published, you cannot change this field.

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