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Social Media

Launch your book promotion on popular social media platforms instantly.


Select Book From Below - Per Book Rs.9999

Select Books You Want To Avail Service For

Package Inclusions:
1. Duration of Ads: Your ads are designed to run for a duration of 15 days.
2. Engaging Launch Post: We will create and launch engaging posts in the form of images or videos to captivate your audience.
Eligibility Criteria:
To ensure a seamless promotional experience, please adhere to the following eligibility criteria:
1. Stable Book Price: Maintain a consistent price for your book throughout the entire promotional period.
2. Minimum Page Requirement: Your book must have a minimum length of 50 pages.
3. Facebook Content Policy: Your book must comply with Facebooks content policy and guidelines, accessible here: Facebook Advertising22L2Æ.
4. Editorial Review: Your book will undergo an editorial review by Ink of Knowledge. If your book aligns with our editorial guidelines, we proceed with the promotion. In the event that it doesn't meet our
standards, we will issue a full refund and notify you within 72 hours.
Advertising Terms:
1 .Ad Placement Timeframe: Advertisements will commence within 72 hours of the book's acceptance.
2. Pre-Launch Notification: You will receive an email concerning the posting of a preview on Facebook and Instagram before the official launch.
3. Creation Fee: A 25% fee will be deducted. not refunded, for the creation of images or videos used in the launch ads.
4. Cancellation Policy: Authors have the flexibility to cancel their ads until the official launch. In the event of cancellation, a 25% fee will be charged for the creation of ads, and the remaining 75% of the
amount will be refunded. However, once the book has been launched by our team, refunds will not be possible.

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